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Project Genius showcases a variety of brainteasers, puzzles, and games. We have puzzles for tykes, head scratchers for adults, and games for everyone in between. Check out what people have to say about our products!

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"IcoSoKu combines the deduction of placement puzzles like Minesweeper or Blackout! with the mathematical puzzling of a magic square or a Sudoku puzzle. And by making the puzzle three-dimensional, it places a healthy demand on your puzzly faculties . . . as soon as you’ve placed the final tile and searched the puzzle ball all over, confirming a successful solution… all you want to do is strip away all of the tiles and pegs to test your wits again."

              -Puzzle Nation

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Just Teasing

"A good size puzzle to introduce children to the world of brain teasers, puzzles and logical thinking . . . A great way to challenge yourself (and your friends) and keep your brain active."

                    -David Savage Blog & Reviews

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Constantin Puzzles

"Do you and your child love brain teasers?  Then you are sure to love Constantin Puzzles.  These are unconventional designer puzzles that challenge your mind all while entertaining you in play. Constantin brain teaser puzzles require a lot of thought to solve but the harder you work to solve them, the more satisfaction they offer!"

                  -Family Focus Blog

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Gearball from Meffert's

"You can spend hours trying to solve this puzzle and not even come close to solving it-and that's the fun of it . . . it can also provide a fun way to strengthen your motor skills!"

                 -Toys, Tots, Pets, & More

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Brainstring Advanced

"What I like about Brainstring Advanced is that being able to see inside the toy gives you a tiny mental boost, as if by seeing the inner workings you might be able to figure it out faster. It also allows you to just sit and look and figure out your next move or where you should begin to congregate each color . . . fantastic for long car rides"

                  - Blog Critics