ASTRA's 2017 Toy Sync Battle

For the second year in a row, an informal lip-sync battle was held just two nights before the ASTRA show began.  Built on the hype from its inaugural debut, the 2017 "Toy Sync Battle" was attended by well over 100 attendees and the contestants all brought their A-game.  It was an event not soon to be forgotten.

Here's a slideshow recap that John Murray put together:

It Was Anyone's Guess Who Would Win

The contestants this year included Brian Turtle from Endless Games - easily the crowd favorite (who also brought a dozen of his own family members), Cassidy Smith from Hape, Nicole Hamilton from Green Toys, and our very own Joshua Sellers.

Besides Joshua, all of the other contestants had competed previously and each had their own posse of fans that were sure to cheer them on.  As the crowd began to gather, it seemed that Joshua had the cards stacked against him.

Joshua Starts the Night as Freddie Mercury

As the unknown "dark horse" newbie of the competition, Joshua had to bear the burden of being first to perform.  To kick the evening off, he performed "Under Pressure" as Freddie Mercury and besides a few unintentional mic drops (it's hard to hold on to anything with those mittens!), he set the bar high right at the get-go.

For reference, here's the original video of Under Pressure:

Everyone Brings the Heat

Brian Turtle also hopped on the puppet bandwagon and broke it down:

Cassidy's performance featured two surprise back-up dancers for an impressive rendition of A Little Motown Philly Boys to Men:

Here's Nicole's soulful rendition of Janice Joplin:

Joshua Brings Down the House with Dude Looks Like a Lady

Not to be outdone by his first performance, Joshua pulled out all the stops for his final performance as Steven Tyler syncing to "Dude Looks Like a Lady"

Here's the original performance:

Turtle's second performance was equally as impressive with a spot-on costume as Prince:

Complete with costumes and props, Cassidy and his gang really kicked up the production value for their Macklemore performance:

It was obvious they saved the best for last.  Here's Nicole's All the Single Ladies that stole the show:

Joshua Won, Everyone Had Fun

The judges and audience agreed that our very own Joshua Sellers brought the bar up to a whole new level this year with his spot-on costumes, flamboyant crowd work and gratuitous hip gyrations.  We're so proud of our goofball and thrilled that he is making his mark - for better or worse - on the Toy Industry.

Joshua Sellers