Constantin Puzzles

Jean Claude Constantin is unquestionably one of the most prolific puzzle inventors of the past 30 years. His unique and diverse puzzle creations are renowned for their beautiful designs and challenging solutions.

Hidden Corridor.jpg

Hidden Corridor

Slide the wooden panels to navigate a ball bearing from one end of the maze to the other.

Flower Maze

Navigate the ball bearing through one end of the star pattern to the other.


Waiter's Tray

Slide the bottles up and down until the tray at the bottom slides all the way out.

Double Trouble

Move the two gears to navigate two ball bearings through the maze.


Tough Measures.jpg

Tough Measures

Fit the two measuring tape sticks onto the base without any pieces hanging off.


Packing Puzzles

Find a way to fit all pieces into the frame in these wooden packing puzzles.


wild horses

The stable boy keeps leaving the door open and the horses have gotten out again. Can you round them up and get them all back inside?


monkey madness

The cheeky monkeys have been out playing all day. Now, can you get them all back inside the monkey house at the same time?


28pc animal display


bike shed


the harbour


Cat basket

Tabby has a litter of kittens and looking after them is hard work. Can you help her get all nine in the basket for a nap?


elephant parade

They say an elephant never forgets, but a zookeeper does. Can you help him remember how to get them all back in their enclosure together?


28pc transport display


car park


the airport


Stack & balance puzzles

Take turns with a friend stacking laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces into the wooden base to see who can place the last piece without knocking the stack over. Each set includes a ruler to see who can stack their pieces the highest, or a timer if you want to go for speed. With several different ways to play, these Stack & Balance puzzles from Jean Claude Constantin are sure to measure up at your next game night!


24pc stack & balance display

S&B After Party.png

after party

S&B Monkey Business.png

monkey business


acrobat tower


Metal wire puzzles

Metal Bike Packaging.png

Bike Wire puzzle

Remove the cord from the bike before your brain gets “two tired.”

Difficulty: 5/5

Metal Light Bulb Packaging.png

light bulb wire puzzle

The bulb needs changing, but first you have to remove it from the plug and cable.

Difficulty: 3/5

Metal Telephone Packaging.png

telephone wire puzzle

Calling all geniuses! You may need to phone a friend to help you untangle the handset from its base.

Difficulty: 4/5