Project Genius

We believe in creating opportunities for everyone to discover the talents and skills that live inside ourselves. 


Twisty Puzzles

Challenge yourself with one of our exclusive twisty puzzles created by the world-renowned inventor, Uwe Meffert.

Play and Display

Enjoy  puzzles that are fun enough to solve again and again and beautiful enough to display on your desk or bookshelf for everyone to admire.

Classic Brainteasers

The metal and wood brainteaser puzzles that puzzlers have enjoyed for decades are more beautiful than ever.

Featured Collections

Puzzles designed to inspire and stimulate.



Twisty puzzles by world-renowned inventor, Uwe Meffert.

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Recent Toys

The most diverse line of brain teasers in the Project Genius assortment.

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Pure Genius

Jumbo-sized assembly puzzles made from natural monkeypod wood.

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True genius

Our most comprehensive line of classic wood and metal puzzles.

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A collection of brainteasers from five different fields of study.

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Puzzle Box

A collection of impulse-priced puzzles in themed matchboxes.

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Cell Block

Puzzle boxes and other clever brain teasers based on trickery and deception.

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Intellectual Property

Classic wood and metal puzzles in beautiful, modern packaging.

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Brain Fart

Fun and light-hearted brain teasers at impulse prices.

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Interstellar Series

A colorful collection of out-of-this-world wooden assembly puzzles.

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A fidget puzzle you can play with over and over.

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Environmentally-friendly bamboo assembly puzzles.

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Ultimate Sports

Beautiful desktop puzzles with trivia cards.

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Children's Literature

Classic metal and wood puzzles inspired by childhood stories.

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A challenge that you never saw coming.

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Just Teasing

Easy-to-solve brainteasers for beginning puzzle solvers.

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